How to be the best trader in the world?

You don’t need to be the best trader because nobody knows the best.

Do we even know – who is the best trader in our country or in the entire world?

Of course, we know Rakesh Jhunjhunwala and Warren Buffet because of the fortune they have made from trading or investment. Their dream was probably not to be the best trader but to create wealth consistently and they made it too! We know them because of the fortune they made and not for the strategies.

The known are the ones who really made huge money from trading and for that matter you need to follow one simple rule to be the best just like them.

Most of us think that we need to be an expert who could read fundamental reports to evaluate the value it has and see the charts to get the best price for the stock.

If we go back and think about the great traders or investors who made billions like Rakeshsir or Warren Buffet they probably never had any charts that we see on our laptop daily, isn’t it?

You can never be the first by following others. The important thing here is to do what others might not be doing. Each one of us know that people have made billions by trading or investment and people start following them after they have made their first billion.

All successful traders have done enough of research and found their own strategy that they followed throughout the years. The system they made gifted them Rolls Royce or Villas at their choice of location.

The first step is that you need to believe in yourself and make strategies by doing your own research. Right now, our systems are created in a way that we keep looking for the best, the best technical indicator, the best research reports, the best price action strategies, and so on.

You better don’t see them at all. You find your own concepts that nobody has done before, trust your skills, knowledge with experience, and follow that for a few years to make your billions your way!

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