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High leverage

Traditional Indian Stock Brokers provide 2 times leverage in F&O and MCX for Intraday. Our members get 10x Leverage in both segments which means they only need ₹600 for Crudeoil Mini, ₹6500 for Banknifty Option Writing, or 9500 for Nifty Option Writing!

Lowest brokerage

Most of the stock broker charges 1 paisa or more for future trading and ₹20 per lot for options trading wherein our members pay only half of that.

In case you don't fancy leverage we could make it as low as ₹20 per trade with 5x leverage all the time.

Money saved is money earned.

Fully Automated algo trading

Elite Traders Group is known for it's fully automated options writing trades where traders only need to open an account and algo does all it's work.
The best part is strategy, strike price selection, position sizing, holding period, risk - reward, and entry exit everything is taken care by the algo system.

Our team is available 24*7 to build an Algo system for you.

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We do not guarantee but if you are lucky one you might get invited to Elite Traders Group where traders make millions everyday!

Do write us a message if you are really passionate about trading and investments.

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www.sharebazaar.co.in was founded by Mr. Dharmik Thakker who has been trading in Capital Markets and Commodities from December 2011. He has won Zerodha 60 Days Challenge all the time, is certified by NISM and IIM Bangalore for his tremendous knowledge and experience in Capital Markets.

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